Friday, 9 July 2010



My personal opinion, Morib very suitable to a family who want to do vacation and spend time relaxing with their loved ones. Once you arrived at here you will forget the hustle and bustle of the city. You surely  feel very calm and peace once you hear the sound waves hitting the shore and the wind light with its own variable language......... its really  reconcile people who come here.At Impian Morib hotel there is cafeteria available for dinner time. However, there are also seafood restaurants nearby hotel if  you want to try other foods. The night environment here is very quiet compared to the urban environment. I just love it and adored. Morning time if u wake early you may get chance to watch and enjoy the sunrise scenery in Morib.While enjoying the sunrise if you very lucky , you may also can get the opportunity to see the fishermen take their catch and surprise me most of the fishermen here are Indian, anyways for me that is interesting part.

Impian Morib Hotel provides accommodation of 50 units of which 10 units are Deluxe Rooms and 40 Standard Room units are well equipped with conference halls, meeting rooms, locker rooms, swimming pool, gymnasium and restaurant. 

Swimming pool 4ft 3in Adults, Children pool - Teambuilding Angus, field for telematch, Gymnasium for body work outs, Fishing at the hotel beach, fishing trip with advance arrangement fees, Enjoying sunset at the Beach. For more information, please contact the Hotel Impian Morib, Tel: 03-31982070 / 2512/2417/2416.

Well.....guess the information am provide it is good enough to make your all out there to visit Morib. 

Adios amigos.

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