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WELCOME to the MELTING POT OF EAST (SEOUL GARDEN) & WEST (BREEKS Café ) For a long time, BREEKS and SEOUL GARDEN has existed independently. Even when some units do co-exist side by side, both the outlets are looked upon and managed independently. But in the near future and currently at IOI Mall at Puchong, you are able to visualise an entire new hybrid operation that is taking shape; the melting of new BREEKS Café and the new Seoul Garden Restaurant, side by side as two separate entities but operationally run by the same group of people, the same level of passion. The brands co-exist independently yet operate interdependently. This is the new concept which we will be embarking on for the all-new SEOUL GARDEN – BREEKS CAFÉ HYBRID CONCEPT.    Though entirely different restaurant concept, each brand’s unique selling points lie in its AMBIENCE and the NEW MENU. BREEKS Cafe has a unique associated lifestyle that’s meshed well with the new ambience and as for S


Dessert’s Bar is all about sharing healthy food & dessert. Their menu consists of cakes, ice-cream & sorbet, assorted dessert, smoothies, wraps & sandwiches, pasta and lots more. They make sure their products are free from nasty things like artificial coloring, flavoring & preservatives. Their outlets are made for you to hang out & enjoy a great dining experience; good ambience, food & service; be it for leisure or work, they are Wi-Fi friendly too. What’s more, you can find them out of their outlets from time to time – in road shows, events, home/corporate catering & many more!     During fasting month  dessert’s bar came up with 3 new meals specially catered to appeal to the Raya festival. These meals are available from August till September 2010. Available only at their branches in Suria KLCC, Subang Parade, Menara Hap Seng and Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.


  Kuala Lumpur - Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur hosted about 300 guests (comprises of members of the Press and corporate clients) to an exclusive preview of its ever-popular Ramadan Buffet Dinner at Planters’ Inn Restaurant. In line with the buffet theme ‘Kampong’, Crowne Plaza Mutiara’s very own Celebrity Chef Ishak Said and his team had prepared a sumptuous and mouth-watering spread of authentic Malay traditional dishes from appetizers, soups to desserts. “This year, we have themed our Ramadan Buffet ‘Kampong’, simply because every one of us belongs to a different kampong, whether is a district or state or even country and during the holy month of Ramadan, we will feature more than 200 dishes daily. We want every guest to indulge in a truly authentic and traditional dinner and just to name a few, we have Popiah Basah and Rojak Pasembor from Penang, Kerabu Mangga from Kelantan; Ikan Asam Pedas from Melaka; Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi from Negeri Sembilan; Mee Bandu


Hai guys as I promised to you herewith the promotion brochure I had from Restaurants Harrods at Suria KLCC, bring along your family and friends to dine in or take away any special dishes from Harrods during this Ramadan month. Feel free to select of appetizers and dessert prepared daily by their special chefs. Ring them now to book your seat . Selamat Berbuka Puasa !