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Gombak Qaseh once again hosted a dinner Eid with orphans home. This year we have chosen to celebrate the orphans and underprivileged of the House Nurul Qana'ah. Nurul Qana'ah which means the light of simplicity is a basic concept in educating children is to understand the essence of life and is grateful to form their personality and identity . This Orphanage home under Ustazah Zainab supervision cum as Deputy Chairman of the RKSNQ.Organization is established to create and administer the Center for Home Care and Protection of children in need of protection and also makes provision for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith, as contained in the Care Centres Act 1993 (Care Centres Regulations 1994) .Home Care Center and child protection established by the Organization will place the child under the following categories:

a) The Orphanage (children under 18 years of the death of the mother or father or both)b) Children of Single Mothers who are unable to provide proper care for the children was due to the factors of poverty, health, physical or mental disability or other reasons deemed reasonable by the Committeec) Children of abandoned children who are not getting proper care from parents or guardian is caused by divorce, poverty, health, physical or mental disability or other reasons deemed reasonable by the Committee.d) Just My Sons (The conversion) of the children of the new convert or converts who do not get care or proper religious education from parents or guardians because they had no foundation and inadequate knowledge or because of lack of ability of the mother the parents or guardian to send these children to appropriate educational institutions.This Organization was formed to carry out charitable activities such as holding fund raising or fund raising, such as organizing a dinner, presentation nights and other social activities that aim to raise funds to cover administrative expenses and shelter / care of this and carry out the Organization.

 Mrs. Jess as a representative of Gombak Qaseh contribute cash from (the collection of donations from the public) to the orphans of the community phase 2 and also orphans of Rumah Nurul Qana'ah. We can see the joy radiating from the ripple orphans face after getting duit raya. This is the intent and purpose of Gombak Qaseh to give a little cheer in the hearts of the children.

 The ceremony began with the recital of prayers from Ustaz Ramli residents of the community phase 2 to get the blessings for the ceremony will be held successfully.


 Look at the behavior of the Gombak Qaseh members are busy entertain and mingle with orphaned children in the day. Kinds of actions and facial expressions can be seen here. Real facial expressions as happy to spend time with the children. Clearly reflected the face of joy and excitement of the orphaned children as possible in their hearts, said that some people are still concerned about the fate that befell them. By Allah, O brothers and sisters after all we all really very happy and delighted to be able to spend time together.

Gombak Qaseh newly joint crew ~ Ary


Loyal BBQ Department Chief ~ Koboi Kerinting


BBQ Department Crew ~ Ahey

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{kitchen crews orang kuat ~ Ina, Ili & Lin}


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My President- Tabik Spring Redzen

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Ustazah Zainab giving her speech

Ratu~ Future Gombak Qaseh

Model of the year ~ actually motif to captured the Gombak Qaseh Tee

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