Thursday, 24 February 2011



Located on the Carnarvon Highway to Buckingham Street, the location of the An-Nur Ancasa Express @ Georgetown provides comfortable budget accommodation in the heart of the historic city of Georgetown is recognized by UNESCO.

Adjacent to the Kapitan Square, a place for shopping and enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by restaurants and cafes, An-Nur Ancasa Express @ Georgetown provides 36 units of service apartments (3 rooms) with a reasonable price and suitable to the needs of every visitor.
Apartment 3 Rooms
Normal Rate                       Promotions Rate                          
RM300                               RM180
* Surcharges apply during peak season

* Private rooms available with
-RM80 (air conditioned)
-RM60 (non air-conditioned)

* Subject to room availability

Services & Facilities

24-hour counter service & security

Air-conditioned master bedroom

Parking facilities


LCD Television (6 national channels)

Private bathroom facilities

To make a booking please contact :
An-Nur Ancasa Express @ Georgetown
Lot 1238, Jalan Kampung Kolam
10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Tel : 604-250 5570
Fax : 604-250 5575

Service apartments are clean and comfortable for everyone !!


Nava K said...

nice, seems like similar colours of my home.

Unknown said...

he he he...I also like the colors. I guess your house must be beautiful.

andry yudha said...

it's attractive room... fresh and peaceful

that's color so cute,,

Unknown said...

Hi Andry yes it is attractive....further more located in town city.