Wednesday, 25 May 2011


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It's been 1 week I have leaved Perhentian Island............I extremely missing the island, missing the blue sandy water and the wonderful memories with wonderful people around me.....:-( I wish I can go back again perhaps next year. Anyway to my dearest Zaffira here I come to share my Perhentian Island trip plus wonderful pictures for you to see. I went to Perhentian Island in Terengganu on 14 - 16 May 2011, 2D2N within budget RM420 all in. We leaved KL on Saturday night (13th May) at 10.30 pm from KL Sentral by AGAG Tour & Travel bus (chartered). The journey roughly 7 to 8 hours to reach to Kuala Besut Jetty in Terangganu. Due to some technical problem during the journey we delay 2 hours and end up we reached Kuala Besut jetty at 9.30 am in the morning instead of 6 am (this is the correct estimated time we supposed to be there ) anyway that is not the big issue as long as we reach safely to our destinations. We had our morning breakfast first before go to the boat. This is the photo of Kuala Besut jetty in Terengganu...isn't beautiful ? I am sure you already thinking and jot down Perhentian Island will be your next vacation.....believe me you won't regret.

This is all the people whom really make my vacation so enjoyable.......thanks a lot guys, all of you are really cool and rock !! hehehe....actually we on the way to another beach to do our first activity "Snorkeling". Oh ya forgot to mention about the resort where we stayed.  The resort name is Watercolours Resorts and Dive Centre which is located in main beach (big island). For more details please feel free to visit their website at Ok then.....back to my story even after so long I never do snorkelling but then I still have the confident to go down inside the water. My mission is to find the 'Nemo' and I was success.....hehehehe.

Paradise Resort is one of the budget accommodation on the big island with the beach right on your doorstep and some of Perhentian's best snorkelling sites just within a few minutes walk to the beach......

Watercolours Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They specialise in frsh seafood, local dishes and variety of western style meals. The food is delicious I have no complain about it. With high quality a la carte and BBQ menus providing a choice of western and traditional Asian dishes. In fact if you order breakfast they can delivered right to your beachfront chalet door every morning...such of good services right....

On top of that they sea view chalets and garden rooms are fan cooled with mosquito netting on the windows and private bathroom too. As for my room can occupied 4 persons provided with 1 bed queen size  and double deck er bed as per pictures. Really comfortable and convenienced for everyone.



Diving, snorkelling, canoeing , swimming or lazing on the beach, jungle trekking, beach volleyball.....or just reading a book and listen to the only in Perhentian you can do and Perhentian is waiting for you........

At Watercolours you have a choice of fringing coral reefs, pinnacles and several shipwrecks. By joining the diving courses you can learn to dive in a safe, relaxed and professional environment. They offer courses from beginner to Divemaster level in several languages. Watercolours has a great reputation and you'll see why, with they detailed de-briefings and PADI Instructor-only staff, you will love their excellent equipment, diving in small groups and snacks and drinks provided after each dive. As for me I really wanted to learn how to dive but maybe next time....hope so... it is kind of adventurous and challenging activity why not..We reached KL on tuesday morning about 1 am. Everyone tired due to the long hours journey and can't wait to go home including me !!! I thinks that's all about my trip so I hope you enjoy and can gain some info from this entry. Thanks for stay with me till we meet in the next post.......all the best and happy traveling !!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


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Hope everybody will be fine and always entry I would like to mention about one of my blogger friend who really kind and very helpful to shared his expertise in this blogging space. You can view his to get more information or any questions to him. Well am not really super good in blogging world in fact am still in learning process. Having said that I was grateful to have a few blogger friends whom willing to share their knowledge and willing to teach in order to improve my blogging skills. Really appreciate it a lot. You guys are rock and cool !! From now on I will visit more and do some random view to any blogs {especially those listed as my followers}to search and choose which are the lucky blogger / blogs  I feel really helpful and useful  to get free special write up. I think this is a very good alternative to boost up your blog traffic too...don't you think you agree with me ?

Last but not least to Faizal Syukri again I would like to thank so much for your good and kind assistance. May God always blessing you and your family to.