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Salam Ramadhan|Good day|
Hi all tomorrow am gonna be @ PWTC for Matta Fair set up day. For your information this is my 6th time joining the Matta Fair, it means it's already been 3 years how time flies very fast conjunction with this Matta Fair, I would like to invite everyone to visit the travel fair on 12-14 August 2011. This travel fair will start on this Friday until Sunday (3days) and the hall will open to public from 10 am till 9 pm. During this 3 days all the agency travel, tour operator, tourism board will offering a good deal to customers. So I suggest those like to travel to drop by and take your good time to survey and purchase the cheap tour package because this is the right time for you enjoy the cheap rate plus the goodies bag and prizes offered by them.

Aside for me, my company do have booth during Matta Fair at Hall 2 booth number 2055-2056 under name Escape ! Come and stop by at our booth to redeem a free gift and more prizes to be win. In fact we doing the photo shoot contest within the 3 days. The mechanic quite simple those purchase or subscribe our magazine automatic they entitle to take part the photo shoot contest and can win Canon camera.  And the best part you can choose which country you like as your photo background. Then after that we will print out for you without charging customer unless you want to print extra that one you have to pay for it otherwise we are giving customer FOC as our appreciation to customer. Don't you think sounds very interesting !!!

On top of that we also selling our collectible issues during Matta Fair at a very special price. For escape magazine we sell RM10 for 3 copies and for Lonely Planet magazine we sell RM15 for 2 copies. So with my pleasure I am glad to invite all of you to drop by at Matta Fair especially our booth to redeem more prizes.......See you there !!


Mas Light said…
Matta Fair! I think we have one here few months ago, but I wasn't in the spree to go travel yet coz was more thinking of joining marathon this year. But maybe next year wanna start planning go somewhere. Hmm.
kemang~ said…
saya pegi..bawak balik 2 beg besor penuh ngan brochures :) btw, linked to my blog...
Unknown said…
Kemang standard tu kalo pegi Matta Fair mmg semua nak amik hehehe...I pon collect juga :-) ok will link it.
v{AIN}illa said…
alaa.....ari tuh pg xtaw nk crik kt ne booth cik tina...huhu...sgt letih...

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