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Another big project organized by Laili Basir Event Adventure plus collaboration with a few groups on 11.11.11. Mr. Laili Basir director of this project said, the purpose this project being organized :
  • to promote our nature conservation through education. 
  • to create an awareness so that the visitors are well aware about their  part by becoming responsible visitor.
  • to educate visitors how to protecting the flora and fauna in the park, underwater life and coral in the ocean
  • to provide visitors with very useful information
  • to assist the visitor how to enjoy  their visit to this magnificent rainforest, beach and islands. 

Things You Will Do :

Tandem Paragliding at Bukit Kokol, Kota Kinabalu
·         Conducted Professionally by: Kelab Luncur Udara Kota Kinabalu ( KK Paragilders- Lead by Mejar Haznain Ngamil & Mr Amin Mohd)
·         Tandem Paragliding is subject to WIND CONDITIONS. RM60.00 per person will be reimbursed if you unable to fly due to weather factor .

We believe Everyone Can Fly like a Bird! With the guides of Professional & Experience Tandem Master, we will bring you fly soaring the sky overlooking Tunku Abd Rahman Marine Park with the background of Mt Kinabalu. For 5-45 minutes, you will feel like a bird! Activities are subject to wind and weather conditions.
·         We will give priority for the participants outside from Sabah first. For locals, we will give them Fly Voucher so they can use at any time.
·         Fees will be refund if you can’t fly due to weathers.
Paraglider Kiting Clinic at Kelambu Or Kalampunian Beach
To become a good Paragliders you have to learn to handle your gliders very well.  Paraglider kiting is managing and sustaining a paraglider overhead in the wind. In Europe, it's more often known as 'ground handling'. As a result of slight changes in the wind, the paraglider moves back and forth over you and provides feedback through the harness and brakes. By pulling the brakes correctly, you can balance the paraglider overhead. When you get really good at kiting, you can do it without looking at the wing. The initial key to learning paraglider kiting is lifting the wing to a straight overhead position prior to beginning. If you can consistently lift the wing to a solid overhead position, you are ready to start learning to kite. If you are not able to lift the paraglider straight consistently, you need to work on this before moving on to kiting.

Surfing Clinic at Tip Of Borneo
·         Conducted Professionally by: Sabah Surfers- Lead by Ivan Nicholas and Charles Mawan

Many people would like to learn to surf yet cannot find the opportunity due too many different reasons. During this event, our experienced surfers will introduce the basics of surfing lessons at the sea shore to know your surf equipment, how to balance your body on the board, how your step on the board and the do's and don'ts. Once you have an understanding of the basics of surfing, our experienced surfer’s  will take you to the beach and try out some of the surfing theories you have just learnt on fun and safe surfing. For one hour, our qualified instructors will watch over you and teach you what surfing fun is really all about.

We guarantee you will be able to stand up on the board surfing in your first surfing lesson.

Cliff Abseiling at Tip Of Borneo
·         Conducted Professionally by: Sabah Ropeskill & Rigging- Lead by Simon Amos

Abseiling (from German: abseilen meaning "to rope down"), rappelling in American English, is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope; climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection. Coached by an instructor our participants learn to control their descent as they descend down a rock face whilst safely connected to an abseil rope. This activity develops participants' trust in other people as well as confidence in their own ability.

The chosen site will be at the Tip Of Borneo with the height of 30 meters, it suitable and safe for everyone.

Discovery Scuba (Non Divers) & Fun Diving (Divers)
·         Conducted Professionally by: Deep Borneo Adventure- Lead by Ivan Nicholas

This is the intro session before you will become a certified diver. Try it; feel it and you will love it. Your scuba diving experience lasts for 2 hours and includes a brief introduction to the amazing world on diving. Your try dive includes the following:
  • Learning a few important diving skills such as breathing with a regulator, descending and ascending safely, managing your buoyancy and equalizing your ears whilst diving.
  • Understanding more about scuba dive gear and how to use it.
  • One dive in safe diving conditions to a maximum of 6 meters
Enjoy a simple, enjoyable and informal introduction to scuba diving and the underwater world in Kelambu Beach, Kudat, Sabah. Your diving experience will take place in a shallow, hidden bay in Tip Of Borneo.

We have to switch the dive locations to Tunku Abd Rahman Marine Park in Kota Kinabalu if the sea conditions in Tip Of Borneo is not permited.

Bowling Kelapa Piala Dunia at Kalampunian Beach : Supporting Event for Local
Bowling Kelapa fun games is founded by us since 1989.Tip Of Borneo is surrounded by Coconut Tree and we can take advantage of this opportunity. This is supportive activities for the 11.11.11 event. Doesn’t mean you are professional Bowlers, you are also good at Bowling Kelapa. Try it and you will know it. These activities will be handled by the local communities. We’re tried to find the sponsor for the prizes and all the income will be donated to the Local Communities

Community Works at Kg Tiga Papan,  Simpang Mengayau

The Rungus are an ethnic group of Borneo, residing primarily in northern Sabah in the area surrounding Kudat. A sub-group of the Kadazan-Dusun, they have a distinctive language, dress, architecture, customs, and oral literature. As with most indigenous ethnic groups in Borneo, culture revolves around rice; however, coconut and banana groves provide cash income. Women weave cloth on backstrap looms, and make containers from vine or beadwork. Many Rungus now work in town, and have abandoned the communal life of the longhouse for modern Malaysian society.  Most Rungus are 75% Christians & 15% Muslims.

During this event, you will interact with the local by helping them to refurbished their community hall, donate Surfboard for young generations and also donate them Used Quality clothing. Hopefully this event will give them an opportunity creates better living.

For any further information please contact :
Mr. Laili Basir at 017-9828 538
E-mail :


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nak try sgt discover scuba tu...

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@Kemang~try jangan tak try apa² hal please contact the event organizer.