Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Hi Peeps,

Happy Wednesday !! as I said earlier entry I will continue to bring all of you to follow my journey to discover more about The Aryani Resort especially the Heritage Spa. I will let the pictures tell everything for you to explore...:-) here we go ;-
Aryani Traditional Full - Body Massage
These traditional massage will cost you RM130 per hour. The ingredients used to massage is made ​​from natural ingredients like rice flour, coconut oil, turmeric and spices are recipes from the family heritage. Che Ngah (the masseuse) has a massage experience and skills over the years. Besides working in the Aryani Resort, Che Ngah has also opened his own massage center that operates from home.

Natural Ingredients ~ pandan leave to make the smell nice

Body Scrub + Massage RM65

Puteri Duyung Bath ~ Body Milk Bath RM60
Traditional Hair Treatment RM55
while you waiting for your friend or hubby having their massage you can enjoy reading magazine too :-)
Old Copper ~hundred years
Menu that you can choose for good food
 Aryani Resort will served the desert first before you can enjoy your main meal ~ something different but good for our digestion.

Roti Canai
Nasi Ayam Golek RM17
Special Sandwich made by one of my travel team member
Our pics with To' Puan Norilah Salleh ~ The Aryani Resort Owner

Pics with The Aryani Resort Staff
The Central Courtyard ~ Pool
Last but not least thank you very much to the owner of Aryani Resort for the great opportunity plus the good treatment. My highly recommendation to all my readers , you should come and feel it yourself the real Malay royal retreat plus a unique cultural and heritage place for you to wont regret in fact you will amaze by the scenery and the traditional Malay architecture.

For booking and reservation please contact :

The Aryani Resort
Jalan Rhu Tapai-Merang
21010 Setiu, Terengganu
Tel : 09-6532111
Fax : 09-6531007


Malaysia Asia said...

The massage lady in the 1st picture looks very very experienced. I would love to try it one day.

Unknown said...

@David ~no doubt she is very experience in fact she can share a few tips with you...hope one day you will stay there and thanks for drop by here.

Nava K said...

Wow, such a wonderful treat for the body, done in a beautiful surrounding, must been so relaxing and soothing feeling.

Unknown said...

@Nava ~It is really relaxing and peaceful mind, you should come here :-)