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Sunset view from Kg. Batu Putih Fisherman Jetty
Sunset from Inanam Terminal Bus
 1st & 2nd pic taken during my Hari Raya holiday when I was in Sabah

Sunset from Impian Hotel Morib
Impian Hotel Morib located in Banting, Selangor and this is consider my favorite place to go whenever I want to getaway from my hectic working life. Not much for this time need to snap more sunset in the future so I can share more spectacular view and pics. Nevertheless hope you can enjoy and like it. Chow.....


Nava K said…
The sunset is awesome and outstanding, excellent photography skills you have.
zaffira said…
sukenyeee tgk pic cantek2...pic kat Inanam tu cun la! suke suke suke ;)
Jlo said…
Those sunset photos are simply breathtaking! :D Love the first one <3 Look forward for more post from you ;D

Unknown said…
Nava K - thanks dear me just an ordinary sniper
Zaffira - terima kasih dan happy sebab awk suke and enjoy the pic
Jlo - thanks for the like and support will keep posted more pic after this :-)
beautiful pictures!! the sunset looks eternal
Unknown said…
Preity - thank you
Meitzeu said…
Loving the Sunset view. :)
Unknown said…
Meitzeu - thanks dear glad to hear that u like the pic.
Diana Diane Teo said…
A great shot! Wondering what brand and model of camera are you using? Is it DSLR? :D

Thanks for always drop by my blog - Travel & Living Journal of DT. Have an awesome weekend.
Unknown said…
DT - yes i am using DSLR camera Nikon D90. Thanks to to drop by here and always support each other :-)
Nice pics.More of it please...I love sunsets.
Unknown said…
Kenalinegaraku4u2c - thanks and yes I will upload more after this keep stay and reading :-)

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