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Good day Peeps, I seen this wonderful view on Federal Highway yesterday on the way back home. Such of priceless moment and I am speechless. The scenery it is pretty awesome and I was telling to myself 'God is really great'. Let's the pic speak and tells better words to described it. Till then have a good weekend and good rest with your beloved one.  Cheers, Miss.Tina 


Hi Peeps,  Let's take a look another food review done by me. So happened I went for my office mate birthday @ The Curve yesterday and we decided to go for Nyonya style.     Malaysian Cuisine ~ Nyonya Style ah Tuan ee's internal decoration Here you are 'The Birthday Boy' Curry Chicken RM20.80 (Small) The curry chicken tasted very nice + spicy + juicy ~ the texture very soft and tender Ate Nyonya Tau Hoo RM20.80 (Medium)  The Tau Hoo sauces gravy + yummy + tasty + delicious ~highly recommended Fresh Vegetables -Kangkung + Belacan RM13.80 (Small) Otak Otak RM8.80 Desert ~ Pulut Hitam RM13.60 Other's Menu we ordered :  Steamed Rice (Small) RM1.50 per pax Chinese Tea   (1 pot ) RM7.60 for 3 pax Our total damage : RM101.53 for 4 dishes + 1 desert (reasonable price and worth it) After all I am rating them **** for their good services and good food. And I would great to suggest everyone of you to try it. Fo


Morning and hello everyone ! Just wanna share and update you.... my article about  RumahKu have been featured in Oct 10, 2011. Thanks to the operator / admin site for the featured. Appreciated a lot for your kindness and your notification. I do love to share anything about my passion and likes with everyone especially in writing and my photography interest so that we can gain knowledge or ideas together. I am looking forward to contribute more articles regard to food review as well as my traveling pics. For further information feel free to log on website for you to find out what exactly their doing and function. To food hunter this is a good one foods/restaurants/cafes directories in case you planning to have any special lunch arrangement or maybe wanna try new dishes you can just search from it. Happy hunting and eating guys. Cheers !! Tag


Dear all & peeps, Before you go off for your weekend holiday, please have a look my new traveling pics and hope it can make your day more wonderful :-) .  Nite view from Gurney Heights Highway Plus  Enjoy the pics and have a good weekend everyone !!


Chef Wong of Taipei Garden    pictures sourced from Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur TAIWANESE FOOD PROMOTION AT TAI ZI HEEN PRINCE HOTEL & RESIDENCE KUALA LUMPUR 18 – 30 NOVEMBER, 2011  Kuala Lumpur, 18 November, 2011 – Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur has launched the Taiwanese food promotion at its fine dining Chinese restaurant; Tai Zi Heen. The promotion is available from 18 to 30 November, with set menu starting from RM78 nett to RM88 nett. It is available for lunch and dinner in a la carte style and also set menus. Tai Zi Heen has a special guest chef from Taipei Garden Hotel; Executive Chef Wang to amaze patrons with his delectable dishes of contemporary Taiwanese delicacies. He is known for his expertise in creating dishes that preserves the original essence of Taiwanese traditions. Special a la carte menu offered are stir-fried oysters with preserved black beans , thick amaranth and baby sardine so


Dear all, I belief everyone enjoying your holiday now....same here too :-) . A very short entry from me today just wanna share my another traveling pics with you and hope you like it and enjoy it. Sunset Pics Lahat, Ipoh Parit, Perak Taken this 2 pics during my Deepavali trip in Ipoh, Perak. If you notice the 1st pic I have no idea how the bell thing was captured in.....seriously still wonder why and how  but I guest I am lucky gurl on that day hehehehe. Portrait Pics Anak-Anak Orang Asli Suku 'Temuan' Old Folk ~ Orang Asli Suku 'Temuan'    One of the Kenaboi Adventure guider I just loved and admire their face expressions ~ their eyes and faces tell a lot of story  Lomo Lomo + Close-Up Pics   That's all for today and a lot more coming in the future stay with me be with me and have a nice day peeps. Cheers, Ms. Tina


Salam Peeps, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends and readers 'Selamat Hari Raya Qurban'. May you have a blast one with your beloved family and friends. Not to forget to mention please drive carefully and reach safely to your home sweet home. Cheers, Miss. Tina


Hello peeps and all, I hope everybody in a good mood and good day :-). Let's check it out my part 2 journey at Kenaboi Adventure Camp as I promised earlier. Bergambar bersama Ketua kampung Kg Chennah, Tn Hj Abd Rahman dan isterinya Hajah Rusiah @ Mak Ngah First of all sorry to my traveling group friends to keep all of you waiting for this post....sorry banyak² ya. Now let's talk and continue the story. Kami berpeluang untuk berjumpa dan sekaligus melawat rumah ketua kampung Kg. Chennah untuk beramah mesra dan mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim antara kami. Tn Haji dan isterinya sangat peramah layanan yang kami terima sangat baik seolah-olah kami sudah kenal lama especially Mak Ngah, orangnya sangat peramah , murah dengan senyuman dan tidak lokek untuk berkongsi tips dan juga petua al-maklum lah orang lama.....lebih dulu makan garam. Terima kasih diucapkan kerana sudi menerima kunjungan kami. Kenaboi Adventure Campsite Our camping site Dewan Makan ~ morning