Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Morning and hello everyone !
Just wanna share and update you.... my article about RumahKu have been featured in http://joinme.com.my Oct 10, 2011.

Thanks to the JoinMe.com.my operator / admin site for the featured. Appreciated a lot for your kindness and your notification. I do love to share anything about my passion and likes with everyone especially in writing and my photography interest so that we can gain knowledge or ideas together. I am looking forward to contribute more articles regard to food review as well as my traveling pics.

For further information feel free to log on http://joinme.com.my website for you to find out what exactly their doing and function. To food hunter this is a good one foods/restaurants/cafes directories in case you planning to have any special lunch arrangement or maybe wanna try new dishes you can just search from it. Happy hunting and eating guys.

Cheers !!



Unknown said...

Awesome on getting featured!!

wanted to say amazing photography!!
I use to live in Borneo. The tiny country Brunei. Was a second home :)

Just followed you on GFC !


Unknown said...

Anna ~ thanks Anna for the compliments and thanks to followed me to. I will drop by your site soon till then have a nice day.