Monday, 7 November 2011


Dear all,

I belief everyone enjoying your holiday now....same here too :-) . A very short entry from me today just wanna share my another traveling pics with you and hope you like it and enjoy it.

Sunset Pics
Lahat, Ipoh

Parit, Perak
Taken this 2 pics during my Deepavali trip in Ipoh, Perak. If you notice the 1st pic I have no idea how the bell thing was captured in.....seriously still wonder why and how  but I guest I am lucky gurl on that day hehehehe.

Portrait Pics
Anak-Anak Orang Asli Suku 'Temuan'
Old Folk ~ Orang Asli Suku 'Temuan'
One of the Kenaboi Adventure guider
I just loved and admire their face expressions ~ their eyes and faces tell a lot of story

 Lomo Lomo + Close-Up Pics


That's all for today and a lot more coming in the future stay with me be with me and have a nice day peeps.

Ms. Tina


Meitzeu said...

All your photos and people's expression do tell a lot of stories.

I do admire them all. :)


Unknown said...

Meitzeu ~ thank you for your like and comment. I am glad to hear that.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Thumb ups! What camera are u using? I really curious to know :D

Unknown said...

Diana Teo ~ thanks for the compliments. I am using Nikon D90 :-).

Unknown said...

nice shot!

Unknown said...

Bean Merono ~ thank you

kemang~ said...

peh...cantik gambor2 ni!

Diari Si Froggie said...

cantiknya sis gambar2 nie.. menarik lah.

Unknown said...

Kemang - biasa jer tu still dalam proses belajar..

Unknown said...

Aida Omar ~ thanks dear khas buat tatapan my follower :-)