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Hello everyone ! Been away for a few days and now I'm back again to furnish you with the new updates and story. Let's see below here what are the new thing I am bringing to you. Pic inside the menu that I picked as my lens favourite I been to KLCC for another food review and this time round I decided to visit Bumbu Desa Restaurant @ Suria KLCC. With the large amount of culinary variety spreading forth from Indonesia, Bumbu Desa provides one of the most outstanding there is, coming from the land celebrated for its fertile soil and culturally rich villagers. The food there are at this moment is a blend of continually influenced local and also international culture that has been formed for hundreds of years. Interior Deco~ very cosy and fine dining another Interior deco from the other view Variety of Sunda + Padang Delicacies for you to select The Menu Normal Rice RM2 ~cucumber, salad, banana leaf Ayam Cabai Ijo RM9.90 ( Sunda dish