Friday, 9 December 2011


Hello everyone !
Been away for a few days and now I'm back again to furnish you with the new updates and story. Let's see below here what are the new thing I am bringing to you.

Pic inside the menu that I picked as my lens favourite
I been to KLCC for another food review and this time round I decided to visit Bumbu Desa Restaurant @ Suria KLCC.

With the large amount of culinary variety spreading forth from Indonesia, Bumbu Desa provides one of the most outstanding there is, coming from the land celebrated for its fertile soil and culturally rich villagers. The food there are at this moment is a blend of continually influenced local and also international culture that has been formed for hundreds of years.
Interior Deco~ very cosy and fine dining

another Interior deco from the other view

Variety of Sunda + Padang Delicacies for you to select

The Menu

Normal Rice RM2 ~cucumber, salad, banana leaf

Ayam Cabai Ijo RM9.90 ( Sunda dish ) marinated chicken served in green spices
Tumis Jamur RM6.90 -
Fresh white mushrooms cooked with spices

Rendang Daging RM10.90
Slow cooked & tenderized beef in coconut milk and spices: a traditional Minangkabau dish

Gulai Ayam RM10.90 (Padang)
Chicken in yellow curry : a staple Padang Dish

classic rice pot

Popular drinks

 Pink ~ Soda Gembira RM7.90
Yellow ~ Orange Coconut RM8.90
Es Buah ~ RM8.90

Us with Mr. Azli Azufi (Bumbu Desa, Senior Manager) & Mr. Harry (Bumbu staff)
I would like to say thank you very much to Mr. Azli Azufi and the staff for their good treat and services during the food review. My personal comments , overall the food is okay and the the most beautiful part I like about the restaurant is their cosy and  fine dining environment.

If you want to try please contact them as below ;

Bumbu Desa, Suria KLCC
Lot 415, Level 4
Suria KLCC, KL City Centre
Tel : 603-2161 3532


Bumbu Desa, the Curve
Lot G-49, Ground Floor
the Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Tel : 603-7726 4612
Website :


Pakaian Muslim Formal said...

woww great post good luck

Unknown said...

PMF ~ thanks for dropping by and I wish you all the best too :-)

Diari Si Froggie said...

sedap nya!! aida tak pernah rasa lagi masakan padang, nampak macam best je lagi-lagi yang ayam cabai ijo tu.. hehe. air pulak yang es buah tu full dengan buah. sedap..

Unknown said...

Aida Omar~ayam cabai ijo tu mmg meletops !! drink pulak semua sedap. Pujuklah c kakak tu bawak Aida g makan salam to your sister yer.

Diari Si Froggie said...

tu la aida tgk kaler dia je dah tau mesti meletops..haha

dekat je kalau nak pegi nie.. ok sis, nanti aida sampaikan salam sis padanya. hehe..