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Hi All,

Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to wishing all my Chinese friends Gong Xi Fa Cai may the year of dragon will bring more prosperous, more healthy, more wealthy and more joyful with your beloved one.

Hainanese Chicken Rice @ RM8.30
Kopi Susu @ RM3.50
I had my lunch today @ Ka Fei Dian kopitiam in Amcorp Mall, PJ. I decided to order rice and light drinks  to filled my stomach. Nothing much to talk about this place because it is just normal kopitiam like we always go some other places. But one thing here a very quiet and cool  place to chill and mingle around with your friends or family. So that's all for today a very quick and short entry on CNY shall we meet again next entry am gonna share with you my Universal Studio Trip in Singapore. Stay tune and have a good holiday peeps.


sekali lagi terasa lapar perut melihatnya ^^
Bee said…
blogwalking today...tgh cari kwn yg suke jalan n makan mcm u! hote we can share some stories in future! so i follow u! heheh
Unknown said…
Aida Omar ~ hehehe maksudnya kena try and test.
Unknown said…
Bulat ~thank you for dropped by and it is my pleasure to share my stories with you. Thanks to being my follower will visit yours soon.
Meitzeu said…
Yiii~ Something sedap I read here. :) Happy CNY TIna!!!

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Unknown said…
MT ~ hehehe a lot more to served you here
Simple Person said…
wow the hainanese chicken rice ..very expensive....
i prefer those chinese shops chicken rice .. cheap n nice .. LOL
Unknown said…
SP ~ yes I do prefer normal chinese shops more cheaper but once a while I just wanna compared the food :-). Anyway thanks for dropped by here.
Norazam said… that Hainanese Chicken Rice at Amcorp.Sure going to try it out soon.Nice entry and info.
Unknown said…
Norazam ~ you should try it even though will cost you a bit but taste was good.

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