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Main Entrance of  Poring Hot Springs Facts :  Poring  is a small town 19km east of  Ranau   and 39km east of  Mount Kinabalu   in the state of  Sabah  in  Malaysia .  It is mainly visited for the  Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve  which houses both open-air and private cabin baths whose water contains sulphur that is known for its skin-curative properties. The natural hot spring is perfect to soothe tired and aching muscles after the long climb up  Mount Kinabalu. How to get in there ?  Public buses from Kinabalu Park are available but make only one trip daily. Alternatively take a taxi from  Ranau   at about RM30 for the ride (thus, travelling in a group this can be cheap). From Ranau there are very few, if any, public buses making the run to Poring.  For those who are self-driving, the Hot Springs are accessible via Ranau. The road is sealed with adequate sign posting. There is ample free parking inside the main entrance.  An entrance fee is charged to visit the Ho


SS2 Murni Restaurant Front View Dear Peeps, If you happened to be in SS2 Petaling Jaya, don't forget to stop by at SS2 Murni Restaurant to  fill your stomach with their good food. I have tasted their food especially their signature dishes. I can tell you it is really tasty and delicious. 


Lake Of Dreams Immerse yourself in Lake of Dreams , a unique musical extravaganza which combines the dramatic effects of water, fire and state-of-the-art laser technology. This free public attraction is performed nightly in the centre of FestiveWalk.  Candylicious There a few retail outlet at The Forum area but Candylicious is our favorite to stop by. Just look at the wall color combination simply awesome to attract people attention.  I knew you like it the phrase :-) These is my favorite spot ~just look at the candies hanged up there Peeps, thank God finally I managed to finish writing about my journey and fun experienced story in USS. Thank you so much for your support and patient to stay along with me . However I still have more story  about Singapore which is I can only blog out about it later.  Oh ya just wanna share with you I'll be flying off to Mabul Island tomorrow morning for another vacation. As usual I will share my travel story plus


Hello ! Happy Valentine's Day ! Good day, good weather and good feelings to everyone. I am going to continue and share with you again my story telling about my Singapore trip. Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium now OPEN to public.  Waterfront Entrance ~  link way to MEMA The way to Historic Ship Harbour Another view at waterfront From this place you can watch a panoramic sea view KLM Cruise View from the waterfront ~ such of amazing view huh... Historic Ship Replica A must-visit for all visitors - Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium Historic Ships Harbour - where replicas of 5 Historic Ships are berthed. On display are the Chinese Fuchuan Junk; Indonesian Borobudur; Indian Dhow; South China Sea Vessel and a Javanese Jong. Learn more about the navigation technology and the seafarers who used to ply along the maritime trade routes in these ships. Embark on the amazing voyage of discovery at the Maritime Experiental Museum  !


MATF 2012 Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair 2012 Returns  With Value-For-Money Deals Subang (09 February 2012): The Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair (MATF), an annual event with best prices and value deals for their air journeys, is back again this year with more special offers for economy and business class journeys on both domestic and international routes of the national carrier’s network. After eight successful annual promotions, the MATF this year will reach out to customers in Malaysia from tomorrow 10 February 2012, till 17 February 2012 offering up to 500,000 seats for travel.The offers are valid for travel from 10 February till 31 July 2012, except specified peak periods. For some routes, the offers are also restricted to lean flights on both the international and Malaysian domestic network. For the convenience of customers, fares offered will be all-inclusive, incorporating air fare, fuel surcharges and airport taxes. The domestic travel offers cover 15 routes be


Good morning everyone ! Please allow me to fill your Friday blues with my blazing landscapes pictures below here. Let the pictures tells you my joy and traveling experienced. Sunway Pyramid Sunway Lagoon Theme Park KD Sri Sandakan Enjoy and have a nice day Peeps ! Cheers, Miss.Tina


Pic from google~x sempat snap Pictures taken from google ~x sempat snap Anda pernah dengar mengenai "Batu Serai" ?  2 weeks before CNY , I went to Amcorp Mall in PJ to buy my things and at the same time I do my window shopping as usual. I always go to Amcorp Mall because less crowd and near to my house. While walking I saw one stall selling various of stones and crystals. I was telling to myself this is new and must check it out....eager want to know because from far I can see the shining2 thingy. The moment I reached the kiosk immediate asked the person in-charge what kind of stones is that. Then he told me that stones known as ''Batu Serai. Then again I asked from where the stones came from ? He said they got it from those pokok serai yang ada bunga. According to the person in-charge you cannot find the batu serai from the normal pokok serai. Only pokok serai with the bunga can do and must do special prayers. This is more to mystic things and o


Plaza Larkin some people call it Medan Selera Stopped by here on the way back to KL during my Singapore trip. I got to know this place from one of my friend. According to her , this is the best place to taste the kacang pool. Frankly speaking I have no idea about it and I never heard before I tot it is something else......hehehe. The Stall Listing Board After parked the car at the basement , next to the lift my crew members spotted this walawei their eyes very sharp when comes to food :-). But the listing very useful at least we know what to order later. Kacang Pool Haji stall No K14 Now the order session begin ; Finally Kacang Pool right in front of me wait............incomplete without the bread homemade bread Yummy and delicious worth it to try the texture of the bread very soft and crispy. Am I enough to make your mouth watering ? you must eat the bread with the kuah kacang.  We tried other dishes from different stall too....he