Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hello !

Happy Valentine's Day !

Good day, good weather and good feelings to everyone. I am going to continue and share with you again my story telling about my Singapore trip. Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium now OPEN to public. 

Waterfront Entrance ~  link way to MEMA
The way to Historic Ship Harbour
Another view at waterfront

From this place you can watch a panoramic sea view
KLM Cruise
View from the waterfront ~ such of amazing view huh...
Historic Ship Replica
A must-visit for all visitors - Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium Historic Ships Harbour - where replicas of 5 Historic Ships are berthed. On display are the Chinese Fuchuan Junk; Indonesian Borobudur; Indian Dhow; South China Sea Vessel and a Javanese Jong. Learn more about the navigation technology and the seafarers who used to ply along the maritime trade routes in these ships.

Embark on the amazing voyage of discovery at the Maritime Experiental Museum  ! At this multi-sensory maritime museum, take an interactive journey along the Souk ports of the Maritime Silk Route, uncover precious artefacts, experience a shipwreck in the 360-degree multi-sensory Typhoon Theatre and much more!

Purchase Maritime Experiential Museum tickets and enjoy 15% off at Fish & Crab Shack

Fish & Crab Shcak, fresh seafood by the waterfront. Sail into a fresh seafood fiesta at the Fish & Crab Shack, where you can dine al fresco while enjoying a panoramic view of the waterfront. At weekends, indulge in the popular BBQ Dinners accompanied by live jazz every Friday and Saturday.

*The Aquarium - Coming your way in 2012

To purchase USS admission ticket please log on here

To purchase MEMA ticket log on here

To many to write actually but for the time being that's all I can share with you guys till then will see you in the next entry 'Part II'. Stay with me and  have nice day peeps.



Meitzeu said...

i wish to get SG cheap fare and fly there!


Nava K said...

How I wish I can take a trip on the cruise and see the whole island of Singapore. Wondering and lovely sightseeing pics.

Simple Person said...

Happy St. Val's day to you..

Unknown said...

If am not mistaken today starting 12 am Air Asia will offer good deal and cheap fare. Check it out and plan your trip to SG :-).

Unknown said...

Same here :-)

Unknown said...

Same to you too :-)

de engineur said...

Good sharing. A must in my list when visiting Singapore.

Unknown said...

Thank you and highly recommendation for you to go :-)