Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Lake Of Dreams

Immerse yourself in Lake of Dreams, a unique musical extravaganza which combines the dramatic effects of water, fire and state-of-the-art laser technology. This free public attraction is performed nightly in the centre of FestiveWalk. 

There a few retail outlet at The Forum area but Candylicious is our favorite to stop by. Just look at the wall color combination simply awesome to attract people attention.

 I knew you like it the phrase :-)
These is my favorite spot ~just look at the candies hanged up there
Peeps, thank God finally I managed to finish writing about my journey and fun experienced story in USS. Thank you so much for your support and patient to stay along with me . However I still have more story  about Singapore which is I can only blog out about it later. 

Oh ya just wanna share with you I'll be flying off to Mabul Island tomorrow morning for another vacation. As usual I will share my travel story plus wonderful pictures with all of you after am coming back ya. Till then take care and have a nice day everybody.



Anonymous said...

bestnye jalan2..nice pic! =)

Diari Si Froggie said...

suka tgk lolipop yang tergantung tu..nyum..nyum..hehe

Unknown said...

Next time can joint me :-)

Unknown said...

Itu baru tengok gambar kalau depan mata rasa tak nak balik pon ade...

emilayusof said...

OH this is yummy!

Unknown said...

It is feel like wanna grabe it..