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Plaza Larkin some people call it Medan Selera
Stopped by here on the way back to KL during my Singapore trip. I got to know this place from one of my friend. According to her , this is the best place to taste the kacang pool. Frankly speaking I have no idea about it and I never heard before I tot it is something else......hehehe.

The Stall Listing Board

After parked the car at the basement , next to the lift my crew members spotted this walawei their eyes very sharp when comes to food :-). But the listing very useful at least we know what to order later.

Kacang Pool Haji stall No K14
Now the order session begin ;

Finally Kacang Pool right in front of me
wait............incomplete without the bread

homemade bread
Yummy and delicious worth it to try the texture of the bread very soft and crispy. Am I enough to make your mouth watering ? you must eat the bread with the kuah kacang. 

We tried other dishes from different stall various of delicacies you can choose.

forgot what they call this to busy eating :-)
Sotong Kangkung

Mee Rebus Stulang

ABC Istimewa
Overall the food was good and reasonable if any of you happened to be in Johor Bahru don't forget to drop by at Plaza Larkin, JB. Next post I will share with you my food review in Senibong Seafood at Permas Jaya. Stay tuned.



de engineur said…
the Cikong looks good! Is that a kind of ABC or something different?
Unknown said…
It is something like Lee Ci Kang the taste almost the same..
dah lama tak makan nasi ayam hainan.. sedapnye sotong kangkung tu. Suka singgah blog sis time lunch.. :)
Unknown said…
hahaha time lunch jer ker...hehehe

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