Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Exhibitors and visitors
Due to the overwhelming responses received from public visitors who visited last year 1st Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2011 at PWTC. Year 2012, Lanceford Exhibitions (M) Sdn Bhd is bringing more brand new exhibitors, more games and free gifts and even more excitement ! Meanwhile, exhibitor is also bringing more overseas exhibitors and making Taste Fully moving towards International exhibition platform.

Cooking Demo by Chef Marina Mustafa
Organizer has set up a few special pavillions for "Korean Street Food" and "Thai Street Food" for spicy lovers. Healthy food lovers would not missed out to drop by at the "Organic Food Area". There are approximately 300 booths in total which include more participating to try out delicious food from various countries i.e Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong & China too.

Apart of dishes free tasting, most of the exhibitors are giving 3-day special discount, there are even discounts up to 80%. Not to forget the organizer still maintain the "RM1 per item" special promotion. A series of events will be presented in 3-day expo with various fascinating activities such as celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, creative cooking contest, children's coloring competition, 'tehtarik' competition, big eaters contest with guaranteed fun for everyone. This 3-day expo is free admission with 10,000 exquisite goodies bags which consist of plenty of exhibitors sponsored products to be given out in this 3-day expo !

Please visit their website or 'Like' their Facebook Page : Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo. And for more images of the food expo please visit my Facebook page here


Diari Si Froggie said...

kalau pergi expo makanan nie.. mesti best sebab segala makanan dipamerkan dan paling penting semua makanan dapat rasa.. hehe.

The Guy said...

Oh an expo about food! It sounds yummy and a great place to go, especially at only 1RMB a time!

Unknown said...

Aida memang best tips kalau nak pegi expo makanan sila kosongkan perut anda :).....macam2 makanan yang boleh kita rasa during pesta makanan tu

Unknown said...

The Guy~it is yummy a lot of delicacies and food product you can taste it on your mouth :)