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Random pic in conjunction of Railway Tourism Launching 2014 

The Railway Tourism Association Malaysia (RTAM) was founded with the sole aim of promoting Rail Tourism in Malaysia. Along with this the association is also committed to implementing the governments agenda of making Malaysia a hub for tourism related activities. 

Malaysia as a whole has well and truly established itself as top tourist destination in South East Asia and in line with the governments tagline of "Malaysia Truly Asia" the RTAM is committed to realizing this goal. It’s implementation will provide a direct revenue stream to the industry and its players.

It is our belief that tourism in Malaysia is at level that has made it a well known tourist destination the world over mainly due to its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background also not forgetting that it is a gastronomical paradise. 

However, rail tourism is also another aspect of tourism that has been largely ignored or forgotten. With the aim of unearthing and exposing visitors to the hidden gems in Malaysia, tourism, especially rail tourism, is another existing form of tourism that the RTAM believes will take Malaysia's tourism to another level from its already impressive array of tourism products that it has to offer.

The RTAM is also committed to discovering other potential railway tourism hotspots that may be of touristic value in order to expand Malaysia's railway tourism and create a truly unique experience that until now, has not been fully realized. 

With the association, we endeavor to include other tourism destinations and their railway tourism to further reinforce railway tourism not just in Malaysia but around the world as well.

We hope that your perusal of this website will keep you abreast with the latest developments in railway tourism and hope that your experience of tourism will be taken to the next level.

It's time to integrate and cooperate whilst empowering and taking the tourism industry to higher level.


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