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For regular visitors whom always to climb Mount Kutu , or even picnic at Sungai Chilling , must have been aware of the existence of Kuala Kubu Bharu rest house located at Jalan Padang Kubu Bharu Golf. Kuala Kubu Bharu is famous for the myth of a white crocodile who broke the dam and led to a British officer killed in the incident. How true about the white alligator nobody could confirm it. However, the incident has resulted in massive flooding that has killed many people and damaged properties . Only an old mosque and a Buddhist temple was saved from the flood . Other attractions that can be visited here are the remains of a British District Officer's residence, an old railway track and uniqueness of architect landscape. Recently " Sahabat Media " had the opportunity to visit the Kuala Kubu Bharu for activity 'Bird Watching'. Follow along with our experience in Kuala Kubu Bharu here.

"Skodeng" or lurking bird is another title for Bird Watching activities by local residents. We were divided into groups coupled with an escort or a bird expert. Each group is provided with binoculars and a book 'Birds of Malaysia "for the activity. We were taken to some favorite locations that are home to birds sojourn. During this activity, we were asked to be more sensitive because the birds often hide behind trees and foliage. We are told there are hundreds of species of birds here and we were able to identify some of the species found here. Among them are burung'Asia Glossy Starling ',' Black Naped Oriole ',' Magpie Robin ',' Antwren ',' Straw Headed Bulbul ',' Black Headed Bulbul ',' Fantail ',' Bee-eater ',' Paddyfield Pipit ', 'Flower Pecker', and also some eagle.

We are amazed and fascinated by the beauty of the Millennium Park location for visitors to see the birds, the atmosphere was so different and comfortable at all. Natural greenery and the chirping of birds makes us forget the hustle and bustle of work. Although the weather was not very good, it did not dampen our enthusiasm for finding birds in the surrounding area. According to Mrs. Almaz Mokhtar, Town and Country Planning Officer, the birds here have difficulties to fly if weather conditions do not satisfy the majority of them will perch in trees or nest. We were very fortunate to see several species of birds fly in groups and hear the birds chirping.

For sure this is one of the most beautiful memories that we will not forget for ever. Experience lurking and identifying bird species in Kuala Kubu Bharu very fun and made us excited to come back in the future to witness the 'Bird Race' organized each year. 'Bird Race' is a competition to identify the most abundant bird species numbers. The event gets people's attention because this is the first 'Bird Race' organized in the state of Selangor.

We managed to visit and participate in the Women's Day celebration which is organized by Hulu Selangor District Council. We were greeted with aerobic performance of a group of women. After the show we and YDP Tukiman B. Nail been escorted to the booths which available during the event. Then we were treated to the dining hall at Mini Stadium in Kuala Kubu Baru. Before that we had the opportunity wetting our throat with Ice Cream Mamat. Among the stalls took part during the celebration of women Hulu Selangor District are Chef Wong from Farhan Seasoning and Hulu Selangor Health Department. The event concluded with the prize presentation.

" Sahabat Media " was later brought to Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre to experience the beauty and natural river water chills. There are a variety of outdoor activities offered there and we managed to do some outdoor activities before returning to Kuala Lumpur. Some of the activities we did was' Canopy Walk ',' Flying Fox, Abseiling and a four wheel drive (4x4) across the hills and small streams.

We have responded to the challenge of Mr. Hasni Mohd Khir, owner Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre for outdoor activities. We have taken a four wheel drive through winding roads and narrow and it was a very thrilling experience. Then our next activity which is 'Canopy Walk', 'Flying Fox', and Abseiling. Participants were briefed prior to the activity by qualified trainers. 

The demonstration made ​​by a qualified trainer, looks so simple, but once we get on and try to do it ourselves it's not as easy as expected. Feelings of nervousness, fear and pounding peaked when to start the activity. Although challenging and tiring we managed to complete three extreme activities and have proven to ourselves that we were able to take the challenge and overcome our fears. The river is so cold and refreshing has made us to look for a dip and do not want to leave the place.

To anyone interested and planning to visit the place please contact the address as below:

Lot 426 &427, Jalan Sungai Inki,
Kg Pasir Putih, Kerling,
44100, Hulu Selangor, SDE
Tel: 03-60491969

Special Notes :
Credit to Santai Magazine (Munzir) for the images and Rabiatuladawiyah Ahmad Rosli for the texts.

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