Monday, 18 April 2016


"Welcome to Ajang Hotel Miri Waterfront"

Ajang hotel reception counter
Welcoming  fruits basket
Looking for a relaxing holiday accommodation in Miri?

Ajang Hotel is one of the perfect hotel located in the city center and commercial area emerging in Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre. Visitors who stay at the Ajang Hotel Miri Waterfront will be delighted with the modern amenities and friendly staff ​​make guests feel at their own home. The hotel's location is strategically located in the heart of Miri, close to the main tourist attractions, famous shopping centers, restaurants, banking and health services.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Izzah Homestay Sandakan has been operating since July 2014. Located near Sandakan airport about 5 minutes to get to Izzah Homestay. Transportation is not provided as a very close distance. You can rent a car or take a taxi which is available at the airport Sandakan. The fare and a rental car is very cheap.

So far they have 3 bedrooms are furnished with one king bed and 2 queen beds. The rental rate of RM200 per night. However, the discount will be given to visitors who stay more than 3 nights for the price of RM180 per night. Each bedroom is equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans. Similarly, the living room is also equipped with air conditioning and ceiling fans. The living room is spacious and equipped with a 21" television and Astro enough to make the visitors feel comfortable and feel like being at their own home.

Visitors are allowed to use cooking equipment is provided but it is only for visitors Moslems are allowed to use the cooking equipment. Customers do not need to worry and headache where to wash and dry their laundry because Izzah Homestay Sandakan include a washing machine and a suspension to facilitate visitors. Other amenities include an iron and ironing board are also provided to facilitate visitors.

Owner Izzah Homestay Sandakan said in the future they plan to provide space and BBQ equipment in the backyard. This is one of the attractions and facilities for visitors if they intend to hold a family day. The feedback received from visitors staying in Izzah Homestay Sandakan majority are satisfied with the services and facilities provided. They feel like being at home and the service given by the owners is the best. If you wish to make a booking and are interested in staying here, please call the number listed below.

Izzah Homestay Sandakan
Taman Bahagia, Fasa 1
Lot 9, Lorong Bahagia 1
Batu 7, Jalan Airport
90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Tel : 019-8999556/013-5431452
Email :

Make sure you stay in Izzah Homestay Sandakan as a beautiful memory .....

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Sabah Land Below the Wind never failed to offer the best vacation to every traveler.

Sabah Land Below the Wind never failed to offer the best vacation to every traveler. If you are planning a trip to Sabah, do not forget to visit Kundasang which is a small town closest to Mount Kinabalu. It is located only 6 km from the Kinabalu National Park. Cool weather and beautiful scenery as the main reason tourists come to visit. There are many housing options such as Salman 'Homestay. It has been operational since the end of year 2013, and until now we have serve many tourist who are looking for accomodation in Kundasang, Ranau.

We are located in Kg.Mesilau,Kundasang.The coldest village in Malaysia.It is 7km away from Kundasang town.The famous tourist attraction located near Salman's Homestay is Desa Dairy Farm (1.5km), Kundasang War Memorial (7km), Mesilou Nature Resort (5km), Kinabalu Park (10km).The mount Kinabalu view from Salman's Homestay is amazing and you can see it clearly on a good day.

Currently we have 4 units attached,each units have 2 rooms,a kitchen, a bathroom,and a small living room.Each unit can accomodate 6 adults and the rate is RM200 per night,per unit.

We are currently in the process of building a meeting room/mini hall that can hold about 40 people for functions such as meeting, course, family day, reunion party etc..It is estimated to be completed on March 2016.

Agriculture is the main source of income for the people here. No wonder the mall Kundasang vegetables are very famous in this area. While tourism is the second most important source of income for people in Kundasang. Kundasang majority is made up of ethnic Dusun, Sungai Bajau, a Malay, Chinese, but there are also a number of Indonesian immigrants who comprise Bugis, Tator, Timor, Java, which has become a small part of the economy contributing to mobilize around Kundasang , especially in the agricultural sector. Although only a small town, Kundasang also offers facilities like hotels, motels, chalets and home stay for member convenience to the tourists. For more info about the price of the accommodation package offered by Salman's Homestay, contact the number or visit their Facebook Page shown below.

Kg.Mesilou Kundasang Sabah
Call / Whatsapp :0138595737 (salman)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Events Association of Tourism Industry Players in Malaysia

MITA (Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association) for the first time will organize Travel Carnival , MITA TOURISM FAIR. Campaign GO DOMESTIC, MITA Tourism Fair (MTF) targeting potential products based tourism in Malaysia for the promotion. Apart from the popular attractions in the country, there are still a lot of tourism products that have not been explored or identified. And the MTF in 2016 to take the initiative to find and identify.  MTF 2016 is an 'inclusive' and not just focus on travel agencies alone. 

More than that, MITF 2016 also takes into account 'product operator' and also in industry segments such as sports tourism, medical tourism, food tourism, eco and agro tourism. Cooperation and understanding of the media and the alternative media is a very important contributing factor and greatly appreciated. Several partnerships have been forged with local entrepreneurs for help and give new impetus to efforts to MTF 2016 such Firefly, Super (product-based drinks), MBI (Sports Tourism), Hilmi Al-Agrofarm (Agro Tourism), Han Rainforest Resort (Eco Tourism), IJN (Medical Tourism), Matic FM (Internet Radio) and so on.

Kedah was appointed as "preffered MITA Tourism Destination Fair" Visit Kedah Year 2016, the MITA would like to invite visitors to travel toKedah and get a special package in MITA Tourism Fair later. In addition, the social aspect is not negligible, a joint venture with HUGS (Helping Unfortunate Group and Society) was established in portraying local community-based tourism program. Several programs have been conducted to spur local economic potential at the site. 

MITF 2016 which will take place from 29 - 31 January 2016 promises an exciting vacation deals to any visitor. A total of 150 booths of 100 tour operators will showcase and market a wide range of tourism products. There are domestic package offered at a discount of almost 50 percent. To those who browse social media sites such as Facebook and Tweeter, those selected will be able to follow some of the free program 'exploration' pre-event offered by organizers. In addition, they will also win the lucky participants who offer a variety of special gifts. Please visit or visit FB page MITA Tourism Fair in or any questions please contact 019-2381875 / 017-5557718.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Sebelum menutup tirai tahun 2015, team kami bercadang untuk menghabiskan cuti di Melaka. Kami memilih untuk menginap di sebuah kondominium yang terletak di batu tiga, Tanjung Kling selama 4H3M iaitu Ocean Palm Seaview Condo. Kondo yang kami duduki betul-betul menghadap laut di ketinggian aras 26. Satu pemandangan indah di mana kami boleh melihat sampan nelayan yang baru pulang dari menangkap ikan dan beberapa kapal korek yang sedang beroperasi menambak laut. 

Kondo kami berada di blok Seaview Tower yang mempunyai 3 bilik tidur di mana setiap bilik dilengkapi penghawa dingin, almari dan katil. Bilik tidur utama mempunyai tandas sendiri manakala 2 unit bilik tidur lain tandas adalah berasingan. Ruang dapur dan ruang tamu masing-masing dilengkapi meja makan dan kemudahan asas seperti televisyen, radio dan penghawa dingin. Balkoni juga dilengkapi dengan meja dan kerusi andaikata ingin bersantai sambil menikmati pemandangan laut dan tiupan angin yang mendamaikan. 

Pemandangan di sebelah blok pula sangat cantik di mana kami dapat melihat kehijauan sawah padi yang terbentang luas sedap mata memandang. Bukan itu sahaja kami pun dapat melihat rumah2 kampung yang masih mengekalkan struktur binaan rumah kayu melayu lama. Walau pun sewa kondo nih agak mahal tapi sangat berbaloi dengan fasiliti yang disediakan serta pemandangan semulajadi di depan mata sangat mengujakan kami. 

Disebabkan kami tidak membawa apa2 bekalan makanan untuk dimasak jadi kami kenalah ke restoran yang berdekatan untuk memenuhkan nafsu makan kami. Berdekatan dengan kondo nih memang ada banyak port2 untuk makan lebih2 lagi yang berdekatan dengan pantai Klebang....sediakan duit je semua jenis makanan ada dijual. Sambil menikmati keindahan sekeliling kami juga megambil kesempatan untuk mandi manda di kolam renang memandangkan air laut kurang sesuai untuk bersiram...

Selebihnya sebelum pulang ke rumah masing3 sempat juga team kami singgah sekejap menjengok Jonker Walk untuk membeli sedikit buah tangan dan cenderamata sebagai kenang-kenangan dan ada juga kami beli untuk diberikan kepada kawan-kawan dan keluarga yang tidak berkesempatan untuk datang bercuti di Melaka bandaraya bersejarah ini. 

Secara keseluruhannya kami boleh simpulkan percutian 4H3M di Ocen Palm Seaview Condo sangat berbaloi dan kami sangat2 rekomen kepada mana2 traveler yang ingin merasai sendiri pengalaman dan yang paling penting menikmati keindahan ciptaan yang maha esa dengan lebih dekat lagi. Di bawah ini adalah no telefon dan alamat lengkap untuk dihubungi sekiranya berhasrat untuk menginap di sana.

Unit 26.06, Seaview Tower
Ocean Palms Condominium
Batang Tiga, Tanjung Kling
Melaka, 76400, Malaysia
Phone: +6012-6887118 (Ms.Two)