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Kuala Lumpur: MICA’s ‘Black Box’ Culinary Challenge held today in conjunction with the MICA YOUNG CHEF TALENT SEARCH 2018 was a hit with budding young chefs of different races from all over the country. More than 50 young hopefuls turned up for a chance to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze placing as well as to impress the judges made up of Celebrity Chefs, Executive Chefs, Presidents of Chefs Association in Malaysia and Culinary Experts in the industry. MICA is the abbreviation for Malaysian Indian Chefs Association, led by President Chef Ricky Narayanan and his committee team member who brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the culinary industry.

“We are happy to have so many sponsors who have come together to make this event a success. Worthy mentions include Dr. Steven Baptist, Principle Sri Bestari Private School who graciously agreed to provide the venue for the event,” said Chef Ricky. Winners received medals, certificates as well as numerous hampers & goodies from MICA and also our sponsors.

From Left Chef Alex Gan, Chef Rizwandy Perin, Chef Shanmugam Rajoo, Celebritiy Chef Sabri Hasan and Chef Naim Hasnan
The event was attended by more than 250 visitors who enjoyed cooking demonstrations by Chef Alex Gan (Kewpie Development Chef), as well ADABI food truck as food tasting sessions throughout the event, added by DSN Coconut Oil Product food testing and demonstration. Also gracing the event were MICA Ambassadors, Ms Prashna Dewi (Miss Indian Cultural Malaysia 2017) and Mrs Priyah Appnah (Mrs Indian Cultural Malaysia 2017). Master Chef Celebrity, Chef Sabri Hassan made a special appearance for the event to give support, encouragement and mentorship advices to all the young chef who competed in the MICA black box culinary Challenge 2018. The Chief Judge for this event, the President of Chefs Association of Malaysia 2016 Chef Khairuddin Bin Kamaruddin added it’s a great cooking competition organize by MICA for all community young chefs in Malaysia.

Kelvin Gar Kar Wai with His Gold Medal with Distinction Award with panel of judges from Left Chef Shanmugam Rajoo, Chef Bonnie Lopez, Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan, Kelvin with his protege, Chef Ricky Narayanan
After a crucial cookout session, Kelvin Gan Kar Wai, aged 20, was declared the Gold Winner with his winning dish of Rolled Fillet of Sea Bass on the bed of U.S Potato Dauphinoise and Roasted Cajun Spiced Vegetables with Kewpie Sesame Sauce. “I am truly overjoyed with this win! I never expected to land the Gold placing as the competition was a tough one. Many other young chefs here came up with interesting dishes and I am glad that mine was up to the expectation of the judges,” said a teary-eyed Kelvin Gar Kar Wai.

“I dedicate my win to both my parents for their great support and motivation. I hope to achieve greater heights in my career,” added Kelvin who cites his idol and mentor Chef Shanmugam Rajoo @ Chef Shan who coached him to this high stage. 

There are 5 gold, 5 silver, 11 Bronze medal winners overall topped with 8 Diploma award being grabbed by the MICA Black Box Culinary Challenge 2018 competitors. Congratulations to all competitors for your great hardwork from MICA organizing committees and special thanks to all the panel of judges. 

From Left Chef Bonnie Lopez, Chef Shafique Taufik, Chef Shanmugam Rajoo with Miss & Mrs Indian Cultural Malaysia 2017 Queen Ms.Prashna Devi & Mrs Priyah Appnah, Chef Ricky Narayanan, Chef Jason Manson and Chef
Representative from the sponsors for the event, Dato’ Sasitharan Narayanan who was the official cooking oil sponsor (DSN Coconut Oil) for the event said that he was proud to be a part of the team in making the competition a success as it is a good avenue to unearth raw talent as well as to give a boost to the budding chefs in the industry. Puan Liza & Chef Syed Azhar from ADABI Trading House added that “Competitions like these are a great place to meet the younger generation of chefs as well as to look out for new trends in the food & beverage industry,” he said. “MICA has done an excellent job in getting the ball rolling and we hope to collaborate more with them in the future with more culinary activities and events,” he added.

Mr. Banner is MICA’s official printing sponsors and supported by Chakra Catering the official caterers for this event. The other sponsors of the event are Kewpie, U.S Potatoes Board, Simplot Malaysia, My amma Samayal, Nourish! Magazine, New World Hotel, Nona Malaysia, Giant Caterers, Cooking With Love Chefs, Moses Maritime, Bonica, and DKSH.

From Left Dr. Parameswaran Subramanian, Dean, FOBA at Linton University College receiving an appreciation plaque from Dr. Steven Baptist, Principle of Sri Bestari Private School, PJ
MICA associates and collaborated with Chefs Association of Malaysia 2016, Melaka Chef Club, Kuching Chef Association, Aregala Malaysia, Aregala Turkiye, Korea Association of Master Chefs, Asochefs Nicaragua and amongst other academic sponsors, namely

 Linton University College, Segi University, CQ Breyer Group of Colleges and Management Science University (MSU).

For details on how to be a MICA member and for updates on their coming activities, please call Chef Ricky on 0111-5325708 or Chef Shan on 012-6623559. You can also get the updates on the MICA Facebook and Instagram page too.


For media enquiries, please contact :
Chef Ricky Narayanan                                                      
President & Founder                                                         
Malaysian Indian Chefs Association                                 
Tel : 0111-5325708                                                            
Email :                              

Chef Shanmugam Rajoo
Malaysian Indian Chefs Association
Tel : 012-6623559


Blackswan said…
Such a fun event! I love to watch cooking challenges! xoxo
Hales said…
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